What is a CIB Company?

My name is David Robertson, and I’m an entrepreneur, business coach, marketing strategist, and the host of the podcast, Christ In Business.

Maybe you just guessed it, but CIB stands for Christ In Business (smart, right… lol)

And for now, a CIB company is simply one of my companies which help me walk out my personal purpose and life’s call to reveal God and his Kingdom around, and through, business. It simply means the company you just visited where you saw the phrase “A CIB company…” is a company being built through a partnership with God, grown with an eternal purpose beyond profit alone, and led with a commitment to stretching beyond world-class to build a Kingdom-Class company.

I say “for now” simply because… this is more than a business; it’s a movement. And that means it’s evolving as God moves, expands, and grows the reach of his Kingdom and son, Jesus Christ in businesses around the world.

You’ve likely landed here after reading, listening, or watching a recent video on social media or the podcast, Christ In Business. 

Stay “tuned in” and watch as I build a Kingdom-class company and equip others to do the same. 

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