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You’ll have the power to solve your cashflow problems, and achieve predictable, intentional profit growth year after year.

Build a Team You Can Trust

You’ll finally relax and be confident that your team is motivated and engaged to grow your business & protect your future.

Create a Company that Runs Itself

You will have the proven systems, tools, and strategies to build your best business with the help & support of a Qualified Business Coach.


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Finally, you’ll have your systems, team, and cashflow doing the heavy lifting while you enjoy the things that matter most to you!

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What Makes Growthpoint Business Coaching So Different?

When it comes to building a successful business, most business owners waste years of trial and error to learn the right combination of systems, tools, and strategies that are needed. A Growthpoint Qualified Coach helps owners like you skip the trial and error and grow their business faster than they ever thought possible by providing the proven systems, tools, and strategies successful companies are using to make more money, build a great team, and free time to live their dreams.

We understand how hard it is to build a business that creates the freedom you and your family deserve to get from your hard work and sacrifice. And when you get it right your business works for you, your team becomes a high-performance profit center, and your time is free to focus on what’s most important. When you get it right, you’re able to join the small group of Elite Owners who lead and influence their community.

The Growthpoint Framework was created by our Founder, David Robertson. In high school, after watching his father build two of the highest producing insurance agencies in their states, and get burning out, David committed himself to figuring out why some businesses succeed and others do not. He spent the next 15 years studying and testing how the most successful entrepreneurs built wildly successful businesses and achieved the freedom and profitability they enjoy from their companies. Along the way, he started and sold 3 companies of his own.

In 2011, when David was approached by several friends about helping them with their own business growth, he arranged everything a framework for growing a business. David spent the next 5 years helping many small business owners grow their business fast using the systems, tools, and strategies used by successful owners that free up time, build high-performance teams they could trust, and dramatically increase their profit consistently year after year.

It’s all included in the Growthpoint Framework as a part of the coaching and training services of Growthpoint Company.

When you sign up for the business breakthrough program, Freedom & Profitability you will:

  1. Learn a proven blueprint for starting and building a successful business you can sell for top dollar. This blueprint has been defined over decades of best practices.
  2. Discover and prioritize exactly which systems, tools, and strategies your business is missing that will unlock your freedom & profitability. You will get the clarity and confidence that comes from knowing exactly what you need to do to grow your business.
  3. Work with a qualified business coach to take the type of actions that will create massive momentum in your business.

You will apply the 5-part Growthpoint Framework proven to increase profit by at least 68% per year, build amazing teams, and free your time so you can do what matters most.

There are two ways to accomplish success in business; the slow way, on your own through trial and error… or the faster way with the help of proven systems, tools, strategies and a qualified guide.

Start today; Schedule your Complimentary Freedom & Profit Coaching Cal right now, and invest 90 minutes with Growthpoint Qualified Business Coach.


Because all the time, energy, and money you’re spending trying to figure this out on your own are not worth the cost of delaying your and your family’s best life.

Clarity & Solutions

“David’s coaching has helped me identify problems that prevent growth, create solutions & develop a plan to reach my goals.”

Elizabeth Joy

Owner, Abundant Joy Designs

Reach More Customers

“Through your training and coaching, you have enabled me to connect with more people than ever before.”

Greg Davis

Owner, Farmers Insurance Agency

Transform Your Results

“David’s insights may seem mundane and normal to him, but are transformative for those around him.”

Lawrence Long III

President, L.V. Long & Associates

What’s My Investment?

How much is it costing you to give all your time, energy, and focus on your business instead of the things most important to you? How much is it costing you to figure this out through trial and error? Is it worth it to delay your best life while you figure this stuff out on your own?

If you want to skip years of trial and error, avoid costly and unnecessary expenses, and get the freedom & profit you want now, then it’s time to talk with a coach with proven systems, tools, and strategies to help.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary Freedom & Profit Coaching Call right now.  


Here’s How It Works:

This is not a sales pitch and we promise to not waste your time.

Step 1: Book a Briefing Call
In the calendar below you’ll book a short 15-minute conversation with a Qualified Business Coach to learn about your business, goals and biggest challenges. If you qualify, your coach will outline a custom plan, and schedule your complimentary 90-minute Freedom & Profit Coaching Call during your Briefing Call. 

Step 2: Your Freedom & Profit Coaching Call
In your 90-minute Freedom & Profit Coaching Call, you and your business coaching will dive deep into your goals and business to discover the roadblocks, ceilings, and plateaus holding your business back from producing the freedom & profit you want. After you’ve created crystal clarity on where you want to go, where you are, and whats holding you back, your business coach will outline a specific 12-month action plan with all the systems, tools, and strategies you need to accomplish your goals… FAST!

Step 3: Book Ongoing Coaching (Optional)
After your free coaching trial, if you decide you want more help AND your coach feels like you’d bee a good fit as a client, then he may extend an invitation into the Growthpoint Company business coaching program, Freedom & Profitability.

There will be absolutely no high-pressure selling, and even if you don’t ever get more coaching, we promise to give you strategies & ideas that will help you. 

In fact, if you feel we’ve wasted your time, then I will pay you $100!

Start today; invest 20 minutes with a business coach today… to talk about how you can finally get your business breakthrough and whether we can help you grow your business faster with a new strategy.

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